After some prompting from my friend over at Granola Mom 4 God. Here is my list…

I’m thankful for…

1. Miss L who is starting to smile all the time and do the cutest baby talking ever!!!

2. my husband! Who surprised me last night by telling me not to make dinner and bringing home a Papa Murphy pizza! (and leftovers for lunch today -yummy in my tummy!)

3. that Mr. A loves to listen to books and that he’s now sitting for longer books! Hooray for a whole new batch of books to read! and new section in the library to choose from!

4. that I was able to sweep and mop today. (Thanks for napping so well this morning Miss. L!) Wow, having a clean kitchen floor just makes everything seem better!

5. how sunny and bright God has made this day! (double bonus… the sunrays are falling on my clean kitchen floor!)

6. the wonderful chiropractic adjustment I got yesterday! Being able to move your legs without sharp shooting pain is a must! :-)

7. my book club! I’ve been sneaking 10 min here and there to read our current book Pride and Prejudice! I always count the days until our next discussion! Getting out to do something just for me… I love it!

8. the 30 min walk I got earlier this week with my sister! It felt SO nice to walk and get some exercise while not wearing or pushing any children at the same time!

9. my wrap! I don’t know how I could survive with two little ones w/o out this amazingly useful little piece of fabric! Seriously! (made by the very talented Granola Mom!)

10. (this is a weird one) but I AM thankful for how dirty my house is at about 3 ft up. The windows and door frames and all the way down the stairs walls. I have to (or I should) clean it often but it’s easy to clean and I know some day I might wish to be back in this place in life.

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  • melanie

    Such a good list, even –or especially– #10! Enjoy those beautiful babes God has blessed you with… the years go so fast.

  • Mamma James

    Great list! I couldn't live w/o my wrap either!!! We are SOOOOO very blessed to get to fellowship w/ and enjoy Granola Mom's wisdom and talents!

  • Denise

    I am thankful for a daughter who is a terrific wife and mother.