30 Days of Thanks

Day 2
Another day of thankfulness…


I’m jumping on board late… I’m going to be thankful all the way into December!

I’m thankful for…

1. getting out of the house last night and spending a fondue and fun filled evening with some great ladies! (and that Miss L was so so so good while we were out! Seriously, she hardly made a sound!)

2. the shower I got FIRST THING this morning! YIPPIEE!!

3. that my son’s record-breaking dirty diaper was 2 min before we left the house INSTEAD of while we were out!

4. that my husband’s office is RIGHT by the chiropractor’s office so he could meet me there to watch the two small ones in case we had another repeat of my Wednesday appointment… I won’t go into detail… it wasn’t pretty. Today, it WAS pretty! :-)

5. how sore I feel from the circuit I did yesterday… good-just exercised kinda sore!

6. the almost 2hour nap I got today!!!!!!!!

7. the Holisitc Mom’s Network cookbook and the fresh butternut squash muffins I made this afternoon while Mr. A practiced his cutting at the table and Miss L took a nice loooong afternoon nap!

8. for the movie night my husband and I are going to have tonight… if you’re curious… we currently have The Count of Monte Cristo from netflix on the agenda.

9. that tomorrow we are celebrating my mom’s b-day and all my sisters will be there!! I smell a sister photo shoot!!!

10. that I no longer have any restricted foods that bother Miss. L! Hello flavor and seasoning! I’ve missed you! :-)

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  • MoziEsmé

    Glad to see you on the thanks wagon! That poopy diaper one makes me laugh…