What I love about you… 9 weeks

9 weeks / 2 months old
I love…

~ all the smiles you share with us! Usually you save them for when the camera is not around… but I was able to snag this photo…


~ how content you are, all the time!


~ seeing your big brother give you kisses, he likes to do this all the time!

DSC_3287 - Version 2

~ the cute bubbles you blow… and how Mr. A likes to announce every he sees a bubble. :-)

DSC_3299 - Version 2

~ seeing you and my family… smiles all around!

DSC_4802 - Version 2

~ that you are sleeping oh so well lately! Now averaging 10 hrs!
~ the sweet coo’s you make while talking to us!
~ how you suck on your finger instead of your thumb now
~ you easy going nature! I feel so blessed to have two great kids!

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  • GranolaMom4God

    So precious! i love the picture with L and your sister!

  • Hi! My name is Janet.