30 Days of Thanks – day 8

I am thankful for…

1. the yummy homemade chai and granola from Jodi!

2. that we were able to get up and get out early this morning to pick up awesome co-op food w/o being late, too many tears, forgetting to pick anything up or forgetting to GO altogether! (if you know us (me) this is huge!)

3. the fun homemade Christmas present idea I’m cooking up!

4. my car and its heat still work great… even with having over 224,000 miles and a battery light that is always on… still not sure what that’s about??

5. that Mr. A learned to sign “I love you”! Tricky fingering for a little boy! He also learned “boat.”

6. my great time with the Lord this afternoon while little ones slept!

7. no back pain

8. Granola Mom’s new meme oh the fun books to be read!

9. Miss L’s BEAUTIFUL smiles… which I’m still trying to capture on film… err my digital card

10. my husband came home while it was still light outside!

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  • Conny

    Are you going to share the home made Christmas idea you are working on???? You have my curiosity peaked!!

  • GranolaMom4God

    How neat! He signed "I LOVE YOU!" Thanks for picking up my food.

  • Mamma James

    We have a "check engine" light always on in our van too…we (I) can't figure it out because it drives perfect. It just makes me remember that the van is Gods and I need to keep it in His hands…there is quite possibly something He is protecting under the hood to keep us a mobile family! I'm excited about your #8 too!