30 Days of Thanks – day 10

I am thankful for…

1. 10 wonderful years! Today marks the anniversary of when I started dating my husband….way back when I was a freshman in college! 4 yrs dating + 6 yrs married = wonderful! (we were gonna go on a fun date -but didn’t realize you need reservations for this place much more in advance than we thought -so we are celebrating next wkend!)

2. the beautiful colors in nature! golden freshly harvested fields against a bright blue sky!

3. my husband and for sending me shopping today… BY MYSELF! (it was odd not to be carrying a child or a diaper bag, but I liked it) And it wasn’t just grocery shopping… it was shopping for ME!

4. catching up with so many friends tonight. I miss them. Have to figure out how to see them more often!

5. more play-dates to come!

6. “spring”-like cleaning today, WITH THE WINDOWS OPEN!! This weather makes me so happy!

7. my husband for helping me clean… he even washed windows!

8. my husband for helping me make progress on the mountain of paperwork that need to be filed. (seriously, I don’t think I’ve filed since before I was pregnant.)

9. my computer, even if it is mighty slow, I have a computer and I’m thankful for that!

10. today! It was a good productive and restful Saturday!

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  • Conny

    oh, sounds like a great day – shopping alone & beautiful weather, and friends … perfect!

    Happy "Anniversary" to you as well.

  • GranolaMom4God

    I love how you are leaving comments these days.

    Congrats on your dating anniversary. how fun. what restaurant were you going to go to?

    where did you go shopping? what did you get?

    what did you do with your friends? I didn't miss the book club did i?

  • Mamma James

    I would love to have you over for a play date…well Mr. A and Miss L too! :) Have fun next weekend and Happy Anniversary! I am REALLY enjoying this weather too! My b-day is the 16th and it usually snows on or right around it every year so the weather has been a pleasant surprise this year!