30 Days of Thanks – day 12

I am thankful for…

1. waking up to a clean house
2. exercising w Jillian (my first time. I didn’t get to finish it tho -everyone woke up at the same time)
3. laughing at this list as I try to figure out what my husband should wear for his band. (which is recording in a few weekend! like for real recording!!)
4. Miss L who is 10 weeks old today!
5. Mr A who counts and says his letters while going to sleep! I love listening to that! He’s even learned to spell a few words from his favorite show: Word World. (and I don’t know how *that happened!) *him watching tv. period! He went from never giving the tv a second look to LOVIN that spelling/word/letter show! Now if I could find a show he loved as much that helped him memorize scripture!
6. the mail. Esp. when I get REAL mail… or like today when Mr. A got a book from PaperBackSwap.
7. my husband.
8. the comments ppl leave me! I’m trying to get better at commenting on others blogs too.
9. you, my readers! I know there are a few of you at least! Whoever you are out there, thanks for stopping by!
10. my camera. I go thru phases where I take more pictures than other times, but I really would be lost w/o being able to capture life’s special moments! (someday I’ll get caught up on my photoblog, I promise. -but probably not tonight….Jillian, Mr A and Miss L made me tired!)

Hope you all had a great Monday!

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  • Hi! My name is Janet.

    no show, CD: GT and the Halo Express!

  • Conny

    awwww, happy 10 weeks, Miss L!! And good for you for trying to get in some exercise – that Jillian lady scares me though!! LOL!!!

  • GranolaMom4God

    What book? I'm thankful for you, my reader!

  • GranolaMom4God

    Where are they recording?