30 Days of Thanks – day 16


I am thankful for…

-an even happier baby… than she already was!… after her first visit to the chiropractor!
-getting a short nap AND a shower during the kids naps!
-the sunny day we had with a bright blue sky!
-getting to play so much with my kids the past two days even if it means my google reader and inbox are outa control!
-a son, who said to me today… “read more Bible!” and brought me his Bible!
-a son who knows his Bible verse already! we are still working on the reference, but I hung the verse up in his room and when I got him up from his nap he pointed to it and said “God is love!”
-getting to go on a date tonight… like a real, for-real out to dinner date! Haven’t done this in over a year!
-my mom who babysat so we could go to The Melting Pot! sooooo gooood!!
-a salad, three courses of fondue and a blackberry sage lemonade!!!
-a full fun day planned for tomorrow!

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  • GranolaMom4God

    Wow! Your cup is overflowing. i am so thankful that you played. That is such a hard thing to do but sooooo important. Hope the zoo was fun today!