30 Days of Thanks – day 17


I am thankful for…

– a fun morning at the zoo with friends!
– a son who obeys well and didn’t need to be strapped into the stroller the whole time at the zoo
– a son who’s talking much more and saying longer sentences!
– a daughter who slept most of the zoo trip in the wrap… I love holding her in the wrap, having her so close right there!
– a daughter who I think will be sleeping the night in her crib for the first time!
– my mini-crockpot! (currently using it to soak beans for humus)
– my husband! He takes such good care of me and our family!
– banana chocolate chip muffins
– new babies soon to be born! (no, not mine. I am not pregnant.)
– going to bed late b/c of having a friend over and staying up talking!

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  • GranolaMom4God

    A mini crockpot . . . you are always cooking up something new. Glad you like your wrap! I so loved holding Lydia last night! How did the first night in the crib go?

  • melanie

    Sounds like fun for all at the zoo =)