30 days of thanks – day 18

Conny, From the Heart of My “Haus”, is celebrating 30 days of Thanks. Join us and blog and link up.


Today I am thankful for…

– waking up on another beautiful sunny Sunday
– baking peppermint chocolate chip cookies! I don’t usually like to do alot of cooking or baking on Sunday to keep it a restful day… but today I found joy and rest while baking this afternoon with the bright sun shinning thru the windows!
– the book of Esther! We are starting to study this book in our home fellowship group! So excited to get in the Word! Ever wonder if your actions will affect your children or grandchildren??… go read Esther… awesome book!
– sitting thru HF w/OUT a sad little boy… he played well downstairs while we enjoyed studying the Bible!
– my friend, who held Miss. L during HF… I got to sit with my Bible with two hands holding it… I know that’s a little thing… but I am very thankful for it!
– Miss L slept in her bed last night in her room!
– getting to blog right now… I like this time to reflect back on the day
– my book club… I’m off to finish reading Pride and Prejudice for tomorrows meeting right after I finish blogging –if I can stay awake! (AND for the 6 ppl following my book club blog!)
– the short work week my husband has coming up!
– family coming for a long Thanksgiving weekend and getting to make the Thanksgiving meal! Which is one of my very favorite holidays!

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  • GranolaMom4God

    I know that Jason is pretty excited that you are having him over for Thanksgiving! I like you reflecting on your day, too. Didn't finish P&P last night!

  • Conny

    peppermint AND chocolate chip cookies!! Oh wow, that sounds sooooo yummy!! Kind of like a peppermint mocha coffee (make mine decaf). Do you have a recipe somewhere or would you be willing to post/email it?? Pretty please?