30 days of thanks – day 20


Today I am thankful…

– that I started the day off by doing somersaults with my son (it has been a LONG time since I’d done these!)
– that it is the “Friday” of my husband’s work week!
– for my sister Rachel
– that she did my dishes and helped me make a pie and played with Mr. A and held Miss L while I fluttered around.
– that my husband made me some laundry detergent tonight since just used the last drop I had.
– that I’m get to go to bed as soon as I post this!
– for family coming tonight!
– that I got to pick up my co-op early! Rachel watched the sleeping ones! Thank you, thank you, thank Rachel!
– that my in-laws will still love me and stay here even if my house won’t pass things like a glove test.
– for my husband, who is upstairs FOLDING LAUNDRY right now!

From the Heart of My “Haus”

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  • Conny

    you're blessed to have such a great sis!! I always wanted a sister … but only had a brother – and step siblings.
    Glad you got some things done – and enjoy the rest of the week with your hubby & family! I'm thankful that my mom won't be doing a white glove while she is here later this week either! :)

  • melanie

    What a great list =)
    Wow, somersaults! you young thing, you!
    Hmm, Flylady, eh? 'I can do anything for 15 minutes.' So I vacuumed cobwebs for ~25 minutes at a time today… ugh. Next house, I am begging for finished ceilings in the basement! 😉
    No white gloves or socks here…
    Have a great Thanksgiving with family!