What I love about you… 11 weeks

11 weeks

I love…

seeing your daddy hold you and how much you enjoy it.
your fuzzy hair.
your sweet face. **

how you suck on your fist or first finger. (esp. when you are hungry…like below…)**

that you transitioned into your room so smoothly! and that you are still sleeping all. through. the. night! (but you scoot around SO much in your big crib I wonder sometimes if you get up and walk around when we’re not watching!)

how you like laying on the beautiful quilts your great-aunts made you and watching Aaron run around playing. and how happy you are during your awake times! Which still is very few hours a day, but I always look forward to seeing your bright eyes and big smile! (which I’m still working on trying to get a good photo of)

how fast you fall asleep in your daddy’s arms!

**those first two photos were taken by my very talented sister.

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“What I Love About You”


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