30 Days of Thanks – day 22


Yesterday, I was thankful for (and I still am today)…

~ our family
~ our warm house
~ yummy tasting food
~ the smoked FRESH turkey! We even did a brine this year with fresh herbs… the turkey was so moist it was almost wet!
~ pies pies pies (I made my 2nd and 3rd pie ever… a version of this and this one)
~ friends and playing a few games of Settlers of Catan
~ my children. Miss L wanted to be awake for ALL the festivities… that was something new. Mr A came down with a cold, but thankfully nothing worse.
~ sleeping in this morning and not going shopping (I’m more of a shop-online-not-in-crowds kinda person)
~ a successful hosting of Thanksgiving even if it wasn’t how I envisioned it, it all tasted great!

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