30 Days of Thanks – day 24


Today I am thankful for…

~my husband and all his musical talent!
~my sisters
~a fun photo shoots with my sisters
~my parents
~their warm fireplace this morning
~getting to go out tonight with my husband!
~my in-law who babysat so we were able to get out!
~the great high school I went to… we had our 10 yr reunion tonight!
~catching up with old friends
~Miss L and that she is back on her old good sleeping schedule!

From the Heart of My “Haus”

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  • Conny

    oh – good for you to get a night out :) And 10 year reunion – how fun … I'm coming up on my 25 (!!!!!!!!!) in a few years!!! ACK!!!!

  • melanie

    You young thing! I already missed my 25th :/ I am getting positively a.n.c.i.e.n.t. 😉 Another young friend had her class reunion this weekend — hmmm, Sarah, know anyone named Joy?

  • GranolaMom4God

    How was the reunion?