I’m working on it.

Be still, and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10

working on being still.

learning to rest in Him.

long day.

I mean, loooong day.

big picture, what really matters?

I hugged my children.

we read the Bible aloud.

I told them I love them.

I told them Jesus loves them MORE.


attempt #1: Christmas pictures.

2 yrs old and 3 mos old.

a glimpse:

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  • Conny

    what precious, sweet, adorable children you have!! This flashed me back to my own children at this age. My first two kids are 2 years & 2 months apart … I could so envision them at this age.

  • GranolaMom4God

    Cute pictures!

  • jmquilts

    Go with #1!! :) These are tooo cute!

  • melanie

    If you got cards from SeeHere.com, you could use all three in a collage =)

    I remember the Christmas with 3 little ones… Child #2 decided to give her bangs a haircut :-(

    And going to Sears when Child #4 was a baby – she did. not. like. the. photographer. But after the torture session she was all smiles for the clerk outside the photo room đŸ˜®

    Joy, Joy, Joy! =)

    Your pictures are beautiful!!!

  • Mamma James

    I love the one of the two of them looking at each other! And that is the outfit that was Denae's! So cute!!!