a swim meet

If you didn’t know, I was a swimmer.

But I like to say I am a swimmer. I was addicted to swimming, and probably still would be if I had time to get to the pool.

Some day I’ll swim again. The Masters are calling me. I plan to be faster.

If Dara can be an Olympian after children, then I, most certainly, can swim faster than I used to.

Until my time comes again, we watch Hannah.

Hannah is my youngest sister.

Hannah is fast.

Here we are this February RIGHT after she broke my long standing (10 years!) HS record in the 50 free! I was SO excited for her and that I could be there to see it happen! (I was also pregnant with Miss. L here)

Here we are again, last week, at the first meet at our HS’s new pool.

Hmm… I’m wearing the same shirt. Maybe I should go shopping.

This was Miss L’s first swim meet!

Here we were 2 years ago…

It was Mr. A’s first swim meet.

I don’t think Miss L will remember seeing you swim here.

But maybe some day SHE will be breaking YOUR record in this very pool! Set it good! Set it LOW!

Aunt Hannah we are cheering for you!!

You won’t always smell like chlorine. You’re hair won’t always be dry. Your skin won’t always resemble a reptile’s skin. Believe it or not, you might just miss these things some day.

I know you are going to have an awesome senior season!!! We won’t stop cheering for you!!!

More pictures from this meet here. My sister took these pictures I’ve posted.
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  • Denise

    I always look forward to the pictures, but your comments are truly the funniest part.

  • jmquilts

    Great post on your swimming reflections. I'm glad you don't plan on hanging up your towel. :)

    Miss H… you have quite the cheering squad!! :) Cute & energetic~

  • Conny

    How cool for your sister & you to have swimming in common! And your kiddos are the MOST adorable cheerleaders ever :)

  • Mamma James

    How fun! Great memories and all I was thinking about the same shirt is you FIT into it again so SOON!!! :)