Project 365

…or… Project 365 x 3

Most of you are familiar with my photoblog: everydayphoto

I started this photo blog January 1st of 2007…and now canNOT believe I’ve kept it up for almost THREE years! Little did I know on that day that almost 3 years later I would have 2 wonderful children and never be out of someone or something to photograph!

Of all my blogs it’s the easiest to do… just upload a picture (or sometimes alota pictures —I have camera-happy days on occasion.) But at the same time, I’m not always great at uploading them each day… like today is a catch up day… I’m almost 10 days behind in my posting! Well see if I can find time to catch ALL the way up? –or maybe just a little caught up??

I would like to challenge you to try this… especially all of you out there that I know love taking pictures too! If you need some more inspiration here’s an article on it from Lifehacker and one from Photojoj. (photojojo is a fun site to sign up with -they are full of fun photo related ideas and products!) You don’t need a fancy camera, a camera phone will work just fine! If you are interested in growing your photo skills then what better way to do it! Keep your camera with you and just take. more. pictures! :-) Try manual settings! Investigate white balance! Try photographing things at unusual angles!

I’ve heard some of you are interested and I would love to have more photoblog friends out there!

If you already blog it isn’t that much more to do… and if you don’t blog yet it’s an easy way to start! It’s just one lil-ol-picture a day… of anything you want! You could find a theme or just do whatever! I keep an Everydayphoto folder so I can stick the pictures in there until I have time to upload them. This also helps b/c I have several blogs and like to avoid posting the same pictures on all of them if I can help it. (not always possible, but I try)

There is a flickr group that does this too but I looked around and prefer photoblog. I like their simple look and easy way to upload. (you can upload more than one picture at a time -a HUGE plus in my book!) They used to be a completely free site -and still have a free option (I think you can upload 3 per day for free) but I’ve switched to the paid version. (30 photos per day -just a few dollars a month.) I also like that you can view by individual day or by month. It’s a great way to journal your days and months… and years if you stick with it!

It’s also easy for our family to get to see our kids pictures often! Most of our family lives out of state and I think they check my site often.

And now I couldn’t leave a blog post about photos without showing you some…

Here’s Mr. A Dec. 10, 2007
(wearing a oh so cute outfit borrowed from a friend!!)

Here he is last year on Dec. 10, 2008

And here he is with Miss L this year on Dec. 10, 2009

Happy Picture Taking! Leave me a comment if you think you might try Project 365!

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  • jmquilts

    Someone will be mighty pleased you chose pix from December 10th! :)

    I'm thinking about it. Would like to do a creative bit I did each day. Hmmm…

  • Conny

    hmmmmmmmmmm, sarah, you've really given me something to consider!! I love the idea – and I think it's great you've done this for 3 years! congrats. I may join you!! on January 1 (my hubby's bday which would be a great occasion to begin with)

  • Mamma James

    Challenging, but I might be considering it. I have enjoyed taking pictures and a NICE camera…like our friend Willow, is on my "wish list" for someday. I would like to experiment more and more with angles and colors. And it would be great to have pictures of my kids everyday. They love pitures and they seem to grow up WAY.TOO.FAST! I will consider it…maybe start in January…

  • toddandtrisha

    I just registered! I love taking pictures and what a great way to improve my skills! Thanks for giving me the idea to do this! :)

  • GranolaMom4God

    OK . . . maybe I will try doing this again.

  • melanie

    hmmm, I might think about thinking about this in a couple weeks? 😉
    I'm probably more in the 52-weeks-year season of life. But I DO like the idea — and YOUR blog(s)!
    I have a real-life friend Sarah who's been taking photos of their family at the same TIME of day monthly with new baby — they stand in front of the clock =) She's a photo-nut! (and making some go-to-Germany-as-missionaries money at it too)

    photo fun. =) g'night!