turning crazy into simple

Is it possible?

I think so…

The holiday season is over… and now, here in our area, we wait for the snow.

Nature rests.

So will I.

I wish I lived where we always had a white Christmas, but I can live with watching classic Christmas movies with snow… Christmas In Connecticut anyone? Great flick!

Ok back on topic…

Not that my life is always crazy… but I do have my moments.

I’m going to start to strive for simple.

Not taking on extra projects and activities that run myself ragged.

Not saying “yes” just because I want to be nice and think to myself “I’ll make a way to fit it in.”

These verses really stood out to me in my reading recently…

I wait quietly before God,
for my victory comes from Him. Ps 62:1

Be still, and know that I am God! Ps 46:10

No need to rush.

No need to jam-pack my schedule.

or my kids’ schedules.

I’m not a very patient person… but I’m going to work on it.

I’m going to work on waiting quietly and being still.


As they say the days may seem long but the years go by fast… and they won’t be this little for long!

Those are my thought’s for now… I’ll try to update once in awhile about how I’m doing with this.

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  • Conny

    You & me both … simple is my theme for 2010 as well!! I like the verses you shared – I think I need to write those out & put them up around my house as a reminder to SLOW DOWN, ENJOY, and DELIGHT in each simple act each day.

  • Hi! My name is Janet.

    GREAT picture of Lala!!

  • melanie

    Simple is good.
    Love those smiles! =)

  • Denise

    That was my New Years resolution as well. Simplify.