10. sparklely snow

11. bright January sunshine

12. reading my big book under a warm down blanket

13. two little ones napping extra long and being extra productive with my time

14. a house full of extended family

15. a clean kitchen

16. warm apple-gingerbread upside-down cake

17. a snow fall that finally covers most of the grass

18. two cups of homemade chai in one day

19. the bright blue January sky

20. exercising for an uninterrupted hour

21. a shopping trip with my 2 yr old to pick out his own pair of scissors and the crazy amount of joy it gave him

22. another date with my sweet two year old to the library, reading many books, picking out his favorites to take home

23. playing with icicles, watching them drop, hearing the giggles

24. spending the day with my sister

25. a morning visit with friends and their cute new little boy

26. bible study with friends

27. wearing my sleeping girl in our wrap

28. my littlest sister, now a senior, watching her swim on senior honor night

29. leftover chicken pot pie

30. sore muscles, in a good way

holy experience

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  • GranolaMom4God

    Great things to be thankful for!