Tot School

Mr. A is currently 28 months old

Here is a summary of some of our tot school activities over the last two weeks. I’m working on taking a picture of them all… I don’t always get good shots. (you’d think with my daily photo obsession this wouldn’t be a problem! haha!)

Ping-Pong balls! 72 of them! They come with 144 so I split them with a friend. Right now I’ve made him an upper and lower case set, leaving 20 for spares or numbers later… we’ll see. To see more ping pong ideas check out 1+1+1=1.

0 Tot School

Here are some activities under the “fun” category. We played with icicles. He loved dropping and break them! He was cracking up which was cracking me up!

Then we read about birds and how they live in nests… so he, of course, wanted me to make him a nest!

Also, below are pictures of our The Wheels and the Bus books and puzzle. This might be his favorite song! I don’t know why, but if I say we are going to sing songs he always wants to start with this one! They sang it every week at the library story time we went to during the summer, and it certainly has stuck with him! I found the puzzle and small book set at Boarders on clearance!

0 Tot School1

We played (our own version of) the Goodnight Moon board game… as you can see, he matched the pictures just fine… but had more fun playing with the cardboard!

He also did some pouring/scooping and he rarely makes any kind of mess. He has mastered this… but once I said he had to look for the circle chips I hid inside cleanliness was no longer in the picture.

Finally, he now has his own scissors and is always asking to use them.

He’s a fan of his do-a-dots. I am too! I’m already brain storming new things we can do.

Since he’s such a fan of spelling things… from his Word World craze… we got him the Melissa and Doug see and spell puzzle. He still floors me with his memory of how to spell short words! I don’t know if he really knows he’s spelling or not but it’s fun to watch and hear him!

0 Tot School2

Several activites went un-photographed. Like our sign language time. When we was a baby we did this often and he knew many signs. Since his sister is getting near the signing age I’ve brought it back. He can identify the alphabet letters and he can sign his name. Some of the hand letters are still tricky for him to do so he can’t do the whole alphabet yet… but we are working on this slowly so I’m not pushing it. I’m actually surprised he picked up all the letters SO fast! It’s so cute when randomly while he’s playing he tries to make a letter and asks if it’s right.

We’ve also started working on signing the different animals. I didn’t realize how the baby signs for animals are pretty different than the ASL ones… but I guess I know what he’s saying, and he knows what he saying.

Does anyone have any good sign language books that they could recommend??

He talks non-stop these days… and pretty much all of it is understandable!!

Except today… on the way home in the car it SURE sounded like he was saying “Starbucks, Coming Soon!” over and over… haha but I really don’t think that’s possible? Who knows?!??

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  • GranolaMom4God

    Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. I can't wait to get our ping pong balls into action. Love the collage pictures. Aren't do-a-dots fun?!

  • Kristen McG

    Great activities!! Love all the pictures! I'm pretty sure I'd have a love-hate relationship with having that many pingpong balls in my house. :)

  • Sue Ellen

    Can I come to school, too? It looks like such fun!!