31 – 63

late night reading and cuddling with Mr. A

Miss L laying her sweet head on my shoulder

A quick dinner so more time to play together as a family

waking feeling rested

a clean laundry room

reorganizing / sorting / de-cluttering

my 4 mo old who will still nap in the wrap

warm heat

exercising and seeing it make a difference

a night out all by myself

hot chocolate

working appliances

plastic on the windows

hot creamy cauliflower soup with warm cornbread muffins

fast homemade meals

Miss L’s smiles

a husband who cleaned the whole kitchen when I was swamped

cloth diapers and not ever running to the store for more disposables

ordering garden seeds for indoor sprouting!

fellowshipping w/ friends

chai that makes me chatty

a husband who listens -even when I’m very chatty

a well needed break from blogging

sitting IN church (not in new baby/cry room) WITH my husband for the WHOLE service

a down comforter!

BIG snow flakes

music class for preschoolers (Miss L goes for free and LOVES it! -Mr. A is still undecided)

folding little clothes

Miss L rolling all around the floor

Miss L reaching and grabbing for toys!


roaster chicken in the crockpot -making the house smell wonderful all day long!



I’m giving myself 100 days to get to 1000.

holy experience

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