126 – 144

127. core synergistics w/ P90X -better LATE (in the evening) than never!

our team is in the Super Bowl

a great full night of sleep

130. a husband who will get up with our toddler in the middle of the night so I can sleep

getting up before any little ones

chai first thing in the morning

visiting some brand new baby chicks! Mr. A even got to hold one!

cuddle time w Miss L while Mr. A naps

our food co-op

my granny being in town and getting to spend the day with her!!

how good my kids were when they had to sit in the car for a long time with granny while I carried loads of food and figured out paperwork

Miss. L’s easy-going nature

watching Mr. A play by himself -boy I wish I knew what he was thinking while he plays! It would it would be fascinating to know!

140. My car and it’s tire that is still full of air!

a new kitchen appliance to make my life easier!

my star-swimming sister! starting to finish up her last season and doing it in a lightening-fast kinda way!

stacks and stacks of clean folded clothes thanks to granny!!!

homemade banana orange juice!

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  • GranolaMom4God

    It sounds like your time with your grandma was refreshing, encouraging, and VERY helpful! What a blessing! Can't wait to taste some yummy concoctions from your VItamix!