145 – 179

145. huge snowflakes

being ready to stay home and keep warm for the winter storm coming

learning new things

excellent quiet time

reading with Mr. A

150. watching the snow fly all around from inside where it’s warm

quiet evening

the news that our insurance company IS going to cover and reimburse us SOME for Miss. L’s home birth!!!

getting snowed in with my family for the day

happy happy children

2 cups of chai day!

blending all sorts of smoothie concoctions!

new soy candles

a healthy eating 2 yr old

organizing my laundry room

160. Sunday afternoon napping

sneaking off to read, even if it is only for 15 min

numbers matching when they are supposed to on my UNFI account! HUGE praise here!

Superbowl party with friends

the Colts… I still like ’em even if they got 2nd place.

our Father in Heaven, The Healer, who will heal Mr. A’s first fever

having Miss L these 5 months and trying to remember each day b/c they are going so fast!

chai made just for me first thing in the morning! Thanks David!!!

piano music in the background of my afternoon

Grandma coming for a morning visit

170. clean, white snow

getting to watch my youngest sister swim at Sectionals

watching her win or break a record OR BOTH in all four of her events while advancing to the State swimming meet in 2 relays and an individual event

being at the meet and watching as another of my old school records gets broke..errr shattered!

seeing the team WIN the whole meet! and the coach (was my coach too!) get Coach of the year! (both for the second year in a row!!)

more help with laundry from Granny (I vote she should move MUCH closer! :-) )

quick trip out while Granny played with Mr A and Miss L

a full fridge before more snow might fall

extra hands around when a little one get sick

a movie to comfort the wee sick one… even if it is watched… over and over and over…

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  • melanie

    So many blessings!
    I think I missed the fact that your little miss was born at home. My favorite place =)