179 – 243

my grandma cleaned the inside of my microwave!

180. a balloon to seriously brighten the day of a very sick little boy

my sister who has a job that allows her to pick up some things for my sick children

cuddling on the couch w/ Mr. A for HOURS while he works on resting and recovering

the smiles Miss L still gives even when she has a miserable cold

both children napping AT THE SAME TIME!

the amazing blessing of having my grandma in town the week I seem to be needing the most extra help!

the handy-round-the-house-ness of my husband!

watching the winter Olympics and cheering on the US

many quiet hours in the evening reading

190. a random afternoon visit from my sister!

Miss. L getting up on her hands and knees!

Miss. L recovered! all better! NO MORE COUGH!

Mr. A recovered! all better! NO FEVER, NO COUGH!

Seeing Mr. A learning to obey the first time!!! and doing it often!

sunny sunny days in winter

being still

making a dinner full of wholesome food

a play-date planned!

more shelves in progress!

200. more places to be organized!

birds chirping in the morning!!!

knowing Spring is coming even if all I can see is snow right now

anticipating my tulips to soon push through

an early birthday present! (a book!!!)

getting the new Aperture 3 to better organize my photos!

seeing Miss L getting better at reaching and grabbing things!

being helpful to others

finished shelves in the laundry room!

our health

210. Miss L laying on my shoulder

Mr. A wanting and asking to sit on my lab and read a book

a working car

good exercise

exciting news from a friend!

finished shelves in the garage!

cleaning and re-organizing my kitchen

garden planning

getting time to read my book club book (The Count of Monte Cristo)

pretty white snow that didn’t melt right away

220. Mr. A talking more and more!

the huge window in the front room

a stack of clean white blocks ready for creativity to spill all over them

my neti pot

a birthday morning of blueberry muffins and chai

my spot on the couch in front of the big bright window

a good night with my book club ladies

news of a VERY exciting review and giveaway I’m blessed to do soon

cheaper cell phone bill with more perks!

seeing tulips coming up!!!

230. seeing the grass, almost ALL of it!

birds chirping


playing outside

making tracks in the snow with Mr. A

seeing how much Mr. A likes to paint!

a good productive time of Tot School with Mr. A

making blueberry muffins

going to bed early

both little ones sleeping in past 8am!

240. catching up on my reading through the Bible plan

getting my hands in the dirt and planting our first seeds indoors!

opening up the sandbox for the first time of the year

playing with the bubbles and the big bubble wand even though it’s cold outside

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