What I love about you

Miss. L – 5 months

Where to even start?! What’s not to love?!! Look at those big blue eyes and soft kissable cheeks!

(I’ve been afk (away from keyboard) most of this week tending to Miss L and Mr A who are battling colds, so this post is a few days late in getting out.)

I love the joy you have and share with everyone around you!

I love your sweet little way to let me know you are ready for a nap.

I love how happy you have been (so far) teething…. and your super cute Sophia the Giraffe -your favorite teething toy right now!

How attentive you are when someone (like Daddy here) is talking to you!

How you chew and suck on your fingers or whole hand happily if you don’t have Sophie in reach.

or both hands and your clothes. (and how super cute you are in your wool baby legs you’re wearing here!)

The sweet little way you hold your hands. (even as you are starting to get a cold you are still all smiles!)

How you are like my own precious little doll baby! (Thanks Gma Sue for this adorable little hat -she gets compliments on it EVERY time she wears it! EVERY time!)

How big you are getting! Full of a quiet little personality!

This month you started rolling more, but if big brother is around you don’t go too far b/c you are preoccupied with watching him!

You still go to naps and bed like and angel! I’ve learned to read your signs and sounds and we’ve got a pretty good rhythm. You tell me what you want so I can give it to you!

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  • Conny

    oh sarah … she is just so precious!! what a good baby :) I love the baby legs – almost got some at Target a while back but didn't … now I wish I had!

  • melanie

    What sweet pictures of your sweet little missy =)

  • GranolaMom4God

    She is soooooo cute!