Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday… well for the most part… (I’m feeling chatty after my chai)

(I’ll be back to blogging soon… thankfully I’ve been able to escape any of the illnesses going around! But I’ve been busy comforting the sick ones of the household and finishing my book club book (in the little time I can find here and there.) After this weekend I hope things go back to normal.)

(remind me to tell you the store of Janet’s black eye… unfortunately it was I who gave it to her (and it was an accident!)… Sorry Janet!)

way back when there were only 3 of us! Aww! LOVE Ra-bob’s curls!!! And J’s missing tooth!!
My dad’s side! with all the girl cousins! Aww look at little Hannah-banana! And just think she just competed and did awesome at the STATE SWIMMING MEET! and is about to graduate High School! Wonder if anyone would have guessed that way back when. And cute little Rachel-bob -who’s about to graduate COLLEGE!!!!! WHAT?! HOW in the WORLD is this possible?!!! I’m getting old. :-( (secretly (or maybe not so secretly now) I hope and and wish and pray she will live near me someday! (maybe someday soon!!!) And Jan-Jan who ALWAYS has a perfect smile in every picture! Who I’m so thankful isn’t still a missionary overseas so I can be selfish hand have living so close! (who is the one who kept asking and talking to me about this Saturday all week… and I wasn’t getting any hints and TOTALLY forgot (until last night when the light when on) it is my BIRTHDAY on Sat. wow. I am getting old. But 29 is the age I get to be at the rest of my birthday for the rest of my life right?!!!)
Cousins on my mom’s side… and my wonderful, amazing grandma who helped us for the last week and a half! Without her help with dealing with 2 sick children I might have gone insane! seriously. (like that BRIGHT WHITE nose I’ve got there… a story for another day… but the short of it is I had a major swimming (well diving I guess) accident the year before and this was still to prevent scaring… and what’d’ya know! no scaring! Thankfully my parents found out a secret on how to do it!) The was by no means the end of the cousin tree… still 4 more cousins were to come!

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  • GranolaMom4God

    Great blast from the past.