February simple

This month I’ve continued to work on simplifying my life, which came in the form of organization.

1. I bagged up 3 trash bags of clothes we don’t wear to donate. Some of these clothes hadn’t been worn in 10 years! Why, oh why did we let them take up precious square footage in our small house?! I need to do plenty more de-cluttering, but this is a start.
2. My husband put up tons of shelving in the laundry room and TONS of shelving in the garage! Our kitchen is pretty big and open but with very little storage and no pantry. I’m SO excited about all my “kitchen” storage space in the garage! I’m working on finding a good place to store everything, a place that makes sense, that is logical.
3. I unsubscribed from a bunch more blogs in my Google reader. I just don’t have time to read them. I’m going on a low information diet. Less is better!
4. Again I took a break from blogging. This break was less planned and more forced. We had some illnesses and I had a BIG book to finish for my book club… so blogging was pushed lower on my list.

This simplifying thing is actually getting pretty exciting! Being overloaded, over crowded, over scheduled is not.

I wait quietly before God,
for my victory comes from Him. Ps 62:1

Be still, and know that I am God! Ps 46:10

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  • melanie

    And again I say, Good, so good for you!!!
    I am hearing a pleasant "Ahhhhhhhhhh" between the lines of your post. =)

  • GranolaMom4God

    Good goals! How are you doing?