What I love about you… 6 months

Miss. L – 6 months

(on the 7th you actually turned 6 months… I’m a little late getting this out)

Oh, how I love you more and more each day! Your cuteness is outta control!

I love dressing you in all your girly clothes.

I love your bare feet and little toes!

I love how you cuddle with your blanket (and suck on one finger) as you are getting ready to fall asleep.

I love how you will curl up in my arms.

I love seeing you army crawl to get toys that are out of reach.

I love seeing you get up on all fours and rock back and forth and go backwards!

I love how you are still and always so smiley.

I love hearing your little short laughs and happy squeaks.

I love how you reach for me to pick you up!

I love how you reach for and pick up toys.

(middle picture above is what happens when you get sleeping during a photo shoot… a quick moment with your head down and your finger in your mouth, bum in the air…. then you’re right back up with a beautiful smile!)

I love how full of energy you are! You often skip your afternoon nap… but instead of being more tired or whinny in any way you’re just has happy as ever.

I love how content you are to play by yourself and yet thrilled like crazy when we play with you!

I love how you still hold your hands together. (above middle pic)

I love that your first tooth came through (bottom middle R) and it didn’t seem to bother you too much!

I love that you still love the water, like day 1! You’ve now graduated to the big bath tub. (Definitely too long for the baby tub!) You love to kick and splash!

I love how much you and your brother love each other! He always talks to you… someday you’ll respond… but right now it doesn’t bother him that you don’t, he still talks and asks you questions.

I love how he put his arm around you (below) and in the one picture you did the same to him!

(click pictures to see them bigger)

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  • Denise

    ahh, you are such a great mom, why wouldn't she smile all the time?

  • GranolaMom4God

    Those are precious pictures! I can't wait to do this post in October!