It’s not Monday… but these little thing will not to be taken for granted.

244 – 300

a big box that came in the mail for a little boy and all the joy it’s bringing him (more on this soon)

soy candles

my new mini cow creamer!

pretty baby girl clothes

hot tea before bed

a shelf just for my painting supplies

250. sitting and painting, both a relaxing and energizing time

a random trip to Target as a family

Miss. L sleeping in the wrap the whole time

simple (and oh so yummy) stir fry!

movie night with hubby

hearing Mr. A giggle

my new chai ladle

another bright winter day

visiting with a neighbor for the morning

talking about gardening and seeds

260. watching Miss. L get sooo close to crawling!

Miss L’s very happy and loud high pitched squeals

and the little laughs she gives us every once in awhile

making loaded smoothies for lunch

Tropical Traditions coconut peanut butter

my new SmartMom necklace

seeing Mr. A play with Miss L (he’s building her towers with her soft blocks)

helping my son make a birthday cake for his grandpa!

Mr. A making a snow man -hopefully the LAST one of the season. (it was actually a pile of dirty snow that he put a face on… but boy was he excited and proud of it!)

270. sunny sunny days

playing for hours in the sandbox with Mr. A

Miss L not taking an afternoon nap -and still being a happy little girl!

french onion soup

a quiet morning

sun on my face

almost all the snow piles melted

the grass looking more green and less brown!

decluttering Miss L’s closet

sorting clothes and bagging lots to give away

280. spring rain!

seeing more and more of the tulips and daffodils

planning for a vacation!

music class with the kids has begun again!

a weekend with no schedule

less computer and more family time!

being in a women’s Bible study again!

getting up with the sun

being outside almost more than inside!

waking up the garden (turned and raked it today)

290. new (to Mr. A) original tonka gear for the sandbox (he wanted to take the digger (excavator) to nap with him!)

reading in the sunshine

vacuuming under the couches (and finding lost “treasures”)

hearing the thump thump thump, over and over and over of Miss L jumping in her jumper!

spotting airplanes in the BRIGHT blue sky with Mr. A

staring a new Bible study

seeing so many neighbors outside

our first walk in the stroller of the season!

hearing the neighborhood kids playing outside

seeing them play a pick up game of baseball! I didn’t think this still happened it was amazing to see all the ages playing a game together that was not scheduled or adult controlled!

300. blueberry muffins made and ready for a morning snack

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  • GranolaMom4God

    Wow. That made me feel thankful! What movie did you guys watch? How are you using your cow creamer? Is your ladle from Frontier? How was music?