301 – 351

exciting product to review and giveaway coming soon
cheaper phone bill with more perks
blue skies
playing outside
making tracks in the last little patches of snow
both children sleeping
Mr. A’s paintings
Mr. A’s good productive tot school time
catching up on my reading through the Bible plan
going barefoot
new shoes
a new strawberry garden
all afternoon outside
making bread (kefir raisin bread!)
forced simplicity and not minding (internet went out)
finishing another book
talking with my 2 yr old and understanding him more and more
Miss L’s huge smiles
iced tea
John 15:5
watching Mr A play for hours in the sandbox
watching him try to talk to the robins in the yard
hearing birds out my window
the freedom of no internet
blue skies
a silent house
spontaneous trip to the wooden park
beautiful sleeping children… almost to the point that I want to wake them to hold them… almost.
a quick internet connection repair
snap peas planted
helpful friend having just the right tool
chocolate chip banana muffins
great (and cute) consignment sale finds
a new bed for Mr. A
he stayed in it all night!
he even stayed in it when he woke up in the morning!
another tooth for Miss L
playdate with new friends
new squash bread recipe
removing the plastic from the windows
open windows
new tires that fix so many car issues
summer sandals for Mr. A
Mr. A giggling at Miss L
Mr. A building a soft block tower and Miss L knocking it down… over and over
a night with the book club ladies

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  • GranolaMom4God

    Fun things to be thankful for. Can't wait to hear your list from Florida!