He is Risen!

Happy Resurrection Day everyone!

We are no longer enjoying this view…

from way, way, way…

up at the 21st floor. (eek… this is even hard to look down in a picture!)

But we are enjoying being home safe and sound with no traveling issues! We even got home about 2 hrs faster than it took to get to FL!

Today was wonderful to be back at church, then lunch with my family (and celebrating my sister Rachel’s birthday!!) then long naps for everyone, (except me… I got in some more reading time! -not the same as by the pool in the sun, but sitting by the open windows was sure nice!) a long afternoon playing outside for the boys and a lasagna (I’d frozen before we left) for dinner!

I hope to get more pictures posted soon. I have plenty of posts in the works… but my camera started acting up while on vacation (like it did over the summer… boo) sooo I need to get that figured out… but in the mean time I might have some pictures my sister took of our vacation to share!

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  • jmquilts

    Welcome home!! :) Glad you had a super trip and no travel issues.

  • GranolaMom4God

    You had quite the view!!! Glad you are back!