endless gifts

learning to be a Joy finder.

352 – 416

watching Miss L happily entertain herself with just her feet for so much of the looong drive
small pockets of sleep while on the road
finding a comfortable position to rest
no traffic issues
no car troubles
remembering to have extra changes of clothes easily accessible for the little ones
only one of Mr. A’s security sleep items got dirty when he got sick.
plenty of snacks

360 lots of drivers
2 HUGE walk in closets that make perfect bedrooms for small ones, seriously huge!
both little ones sleeping IN!
a good nights rest, in a bed!
Mr. A loving the pool right away
reading by the pool in the early morning hours
baked oatmeal for breakfast
doing my Bible study on the balcony
listening to the wind and waves
Miss L sleeping all.night.long!

370 finishing a book!
playing in the POURING rain on the beach with Mr A
watching Mr A find shells and observing which ones he decides to keep and which ones not to
fresh grilled vegetables
it didn’t rain all day! just the morning
seeing how happy Mr A is in the pool
creating a baked apple dessert topped with crumbled creation of homemade protein bar/granola
the BRIGHT GLOWING moon at 5:30am (I am still floored at how bright it was over the gulf reflecting on the water!)
kids still sleeping well

380 celebrating fun things -like 7 yrs ago when David proposed!
David taking Mr A for a walk on the beach and getting a quiet morning inside
learning to go with the flow
the bulldozer my dad found for Mr A
new sarong J & H picked out for me
reading for 3 straight hours in the sun!
an evening walk with David on the beach
just talking and sitting with our legs in the hot tub
my turn for a morning walk on the beach with Mr. A
seeing a huge jelly fish on the beach

390 Miss L trying out the pool
Miss L trying mango -and LOVING it
a family pool picture
Mr A going to bed SO well! (the beach and pool wear him out nicely)
another nice afternoon reading by the pool
so much beautiful weather
seeing so much bright blue cloudless skies
great sunscreen preventing Mr. A from getting even the slightest bit red (in fact I think he has zero tan lines!)
swim shirts for both of my guys (makes getting ready for the pool and lotion-ed up much quicker!)
taking my vita-mix on vacation and making so many things in the kitchen go so much quicker!

400 enjoying my last afternoon reading outside
no one getting sick in the car on the way home
a happy happy little girl, who even when she’s whining to get out of her car seat still smiles when you look at her!
getting home 2hrs faster than it took to get there
beautiful weather to return to
finishing another book in the car
a mostly clean house -thanks to all my hard work the wk before we left
going shopping with my sister to get Mr A some Easter clothes
browsing Borders!
how funny Miss L was trying egg yoke (w/ a little chicken stock) spit. it. out. -in her defense I think she was already full.

410 not being late to church!!
seeing Mr A open his (and his sisters) Resurrection presents
Mr A playing in sandbox for an hour
I got to read during LONG naps
windows open
lasagna from the freezer
416 sleepy time tea.

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