March simplified.

This month I simplified my kitchen by getting rid of our microwave and toaster and replacing them with a small toaster oven. I knew the microwave was a bad thing and did dangerous stuff to our food but once I finally read into the info it was easy to know I wouldn’t be using it so no need to take up precious counter space. My friend is doing a microwave experiment. Can’t wait to see the results!

I also simplified things by sorting through ALL of Miss L’s clothes. We’ve been blessed by many, many friends giving us their clothes. So many clothes that she could never have worn them all… and many were already too small and she hadn’t even had a chance to wear them. It was quite the project that took over the living room like a baby clothes store explosion for a few days, but it was well worth it! Now her clothes are neatly boxed and labeled!

This month didn’t have too many designated “simplifying” of things but we did go on a family vacation for a week. In a way, this was my favorite way of simplifying for the month. We have a 6mo old and a 2.5 yr old and I was quite proud of how little we brought with us! There were actually a few things we didn’t even use! Like the stroller. It was a small umbrella stroller, but it was much easier to just carry Miss L in the sling. Sling instead of stroller… ALWAYS a great way to simplify! We knew there would be a washer and drier so we didn’t bring clothes for every day, but I still found I brought too many clothes for Miss L and myself. (maybe it’s a girl thing :-) ) I didn’t bring my computer… but I did bring my vitamix. :-) I was able to check my email on my family members computers once in awhile, but it was nice to have that break. My vitamix on the other hand did not get a vacation. I think we used it several times everyday!

I’m excited for my first simplifying task for April… it’s already underway and I think it has fantastic potential! stay tuned!

Do you have any good tips to simplify your life?

February simplified.
January simplified.

I wait quietly before God,
for my victory comes from Him. Ps 62:1

Be still, and know that I am God! Ps 46:10

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  • GranolaMom4God

    GREAT! can you come and help me with my sorting of G's clothes???????? I am overwhelmed! Glad you used the sling! IT is such a joy to see you using all of the things I have sewn for you!!!