What I love about you… 7 months

Miss. L – 7 months

(I’m a little late getting this out -you’ve been 7 months for over 2 weeks. These pics are from back then, I’ve been having camera technical difficulties. These were taken by J.)

You know, what can I say? What’s NOT to love about you!

This little guy sure is in love with you!
He likes to tell me often that you are “all cute”
fresh picked, just for you from your big brother!

Linking up with Lil’ Ladybug and her Mama!

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  • Kristen McG

    those pictures of the two of them… absolutely beautiful. I hope they find a way to a frame on your walls :)

  • Carisa

    Oh she is so cute!!!! I love the photos!!!

  • GranolaMom4God

    Very cute!!!

  • Conny

    She really is ALL CUTE!! :) PRecious!

  • melanie

    Sweet pics of your sweet little ones!

    (and so nice of your sister to take the photos when your camera is misbehaving)