Strider bike giveaway

I’ll have to admit the day this arrived in the mail my two year old did.not.nap. :-)

He finally had his very first bike! In my opinion, the only choice where first bikes are concerned!
It was hard for him to contain his excitement! Let alone SLEEP!

If you are not familiar with the Strider PREbikes I’m sure you’ll notice right away that it has no peddles. Which is definitely not an accident. This bike has EVERYTHING you want in a first bike… even some things you probably didn’t know you wanted! :-)

Want to see them live? Strider Bikes IN ACTION! Take some time to watch those video clips, this bike isn’t just for little kids. As they grow, they can learn to do some pretty neat tricks!

We recently took our Strider bike on a family camping trip. (It packs very small by loosening the handle bars to lay flat with the bike and no peddles sticking out to get in the way!) Plenty of open spaces provided many opportunities to practice for Mr A and a few of his cousins! An older cousin (5 yrs) who has been riding a bike with training wheels spent some time practicing on the Strider bike. It was neat to see the light go on for him and get the hang of leaning into the turns while balancing. I’m sure his training wheels will be coming off very soon!

I’m all about getting back to doing things naturally. Everything from eating organic locally grown food to home-birthing, cloth diapering and raising our children in a home free of chemicals. The Strider bike fits right in with this mentality. Learning to ride a traditional two wheeler with “training wheels” is only delaying their chances of learning to ride a two wheeled bike. Not to mention, the greater chance of them getting injured when they eventually do get their training wheels removed and finally have the opportunity to learn to balance on a bike. Babies have to begin working on balance from day one to learn to sit, crawl and walk. If a baby a few months old can learn to balance to sit, then a toddler does not need training wheels to learn to read a bike. Strider gives them the chance to learn balance and coordination without worrying about peddling.

A few winning points in my book…
-light, very light! (He can easily carry it.)
-tires are puncture-proof, EVA polymer tires. (NO flat tires!)
-the seat goes low… much lower than similar bikes out on the market. (11in. from the ground.)
-saves you money on buying unnecessary tricycles or training wheel bikes. (saving money? ALWAYS in the budget.)
-complete stability. From their first time on a Strider bike, they are confident with both feet on the ground.
-nothing to get them injured! (no parts that stick out to get cut or scraped on!)

Now it’s YOUR chance! Here’s how to win your very own…


Winner will be chose from Please leave only ONE entry per comment.

1.) MANDATORY – leave a comment and let me know what color bike you’d like to win. (include your email address so I can contact you)
2.) follow StriderPREbike on twitter and leave me a comment.
3.) follow Strider Running Bikes on Facebook and leave me a comment.

Contest ends May 3rd, 2010 at midnight

The Fine Print: I will email you when you have won. You must respond within 48 hours. US residents only.

In case you were wondering, Strider is not paying me to say these nice things about them, but they did provide my two-year-old with a bike so I could review it, and they’re the ones giving some lucky person this bike!

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  • The Shu’s

    I would love to have one of these in orange. :) Thanks for having the contest

  • Melanie

    Fun blog Sarah! We would love a pink strider bike;)

  • Mamma James

    I love the green one! This is an awesome giveaway!!!

  • Mamma James

    I am following Strider on twitter

  • Casey

    fun!!!! Pink would be fun!

  • Joanna

    I'd get the yellow bike!

  • Kristina Davis, Team Manager

    Very interesting concept!! I am following on FB and Twitter! Yellow would be fun :)

  • The Seats

    I'd like a red one. I love red bikes.

  • Anne Williams

    I like the pink one! What a great first bike!

  • Kristen McG

    I want a blue one! Corban would LOVE this!!!

  • Kari @ p.s.

    Now following on twitter.

  • The Seats

    I'm following strider on twitter.

  • The Seats

    I'm following Strider on FB. I hope I win.

  • Gwynne

    Glad to see Aaron's loving the bike! I'm following Strider on Facebook, and I'd have to go with red. We're Ohio State people, after all. :)

  • Stebenjoe

    Seriously? These bikes look amazing. I'd LOVE to win a pink one for my little girl. Or, really, any color. =-)

  • Anonymous

    Sarah, this is great! We like red in my house! I too, love the concept of living more naturally. I am not as advanced in the quest as you are, but am slowly improving! ~ Geralyn Lupfer

  • Stebenjoe

    Following on twitter and facebook now. What a neat bike! I hope they come in pink, but they're cool in any color. =-)

  • Neil

    Pink would be great!

  • Aaron

    Sarah – My son would love a red one. I've never seen these before. What a great idea!

  • Aubrey

    They sound great! We'd love a red one for a little boy's third birthday!

  • Candi

    I would love to win the green bike…

  • Candi

    ok i followed on facebook:)

  • Ms. Type "A"

    I would have to go with red. I have 7 kiddos (4boys, 3 girls). Red would work for all:-)

  • Sela

    I've been eying these for awhile, this one looks great!
    I would probably choose yellow so my daughter could use it now and my son could use it later (don't think dad would like his son riding a purple bike in the future) 😉
    sela_young at

  • Sela

    Just "liked" them on facebook :)

  • Kristi

    I would love a green bike for my boys (2.5 and 1). They would love this bike!!! Thanks for the chance

    kristi . embrey @ yahoo . com

  • millymom619

    I would get the yellow bike because it looks girly enough for my current little princess, but could look boy-tough in the future!

  • millymom619

    I followed Strider on FB.

  • sbswtp

    I would want one in blue :)
    Sarahsherman at hotmail dot com

  • Lisa

    Would just love this in red!

  • Danielle C

    We would love the PINK!


  • Danielle C

    I follow on facebook!


  • Kenton

    Awesome! I'd like a red one! kvanduyne _ gmail _ com

  • Kenton

    Now following on Twitter.

  • Tami

    Red one please! tamivanduyne _ gmail _ com

  • krock
  • charity reine

    What a great bike. I was just thinking about how training wheels can slow down the learning process. I wouls love the bike in orange.

  • InnaC

    This is so cool! Red is good for boys and girls.

  • stangtx

    I would love a red one

  • stangtx

    I'm following on Twitter and Facebook now!

  • Pam

    I liked Strider Bikes on FB

  • Jon & Amanda

    I would love to have a yellow one!

  • Paulina

    Hi, I would love to gift this in red to my nephew (of course I need to be lucky first and win =P)

  • Team Geesaman

    Thanks for letting me know about this. I think the boys would really like a green one. What a neat idea.

  • Sarah

    Those are awesome!! my 3 year old would love that!! Green would be perfect!!

  • Sarah

    I'm a follower on Twitter!! great giveaway!!

  • Sarah

    Fan on Facebook!! cant wait to see who wins!!

  • Carpenters

    Oh my son would have blast with this. His helmet is red, so I would also like the red bike. Thanks.


  • amy

    My son and daughter would love this bike! They'd pick red or pink for their color, so I'll make a choice for them and go for the beautiful spring-y green.

  • KBraden

    I would love a green one!

  • KBraden

    following on twitter

  • Paul and DeeDee

    We love our stider bike!! Now my almost two year old wants one just like her big brother!! I bet she would love a pink one!

  • Raena

    This would be awesome! I would love the green…it would work for either of my kids. Blessings!

  • Anonymous

    I love the green because I have a girl and a boy! My 2 1/2 year old would love this and my 9 month old would grow into it soon!

  • musicmakingmomma

    I would love one in red! Red is our favorite color!

  • Anonymous

    We'd love a green one!

  • Joanna

    We love the pink bike. our little girl is a true princess and would just love it.

  • Joanna

    We have started following strider prebikes on facebook.

  • Chawksgirl4ever

    We would love a strider bike in red have two daughters who canuse it Now and one son later. My email address is chawksgirl4ever at Att dot net

  • Chawksgirl4ever

    We are a fan on facebook

  • Michelle

    I follow Strider on Twitter.

  • Tina

    I would like a red please

  • Brad

    I would pick yellow

  • Brenda H

    I pick blue. I have 3 grandsons

  • Marlene

    I pick blue for my grandsons.

  • Pat

    Grandpa wants green.

  • Brian Ronk

    I will say that older cousin has ridden a bike without the training wheels now!

    Blue if I get picked :)

  • Amy

    My daughter would LOVE pink.

  • Rebecca

    Fun! We always love to have fun outside! Maybe the youngest boys won't have to endure being careened down the drive by older brothers to learn how to ride a bike! Red would be great!

  • Trisha

    I would love one that is red! How fun! :)

  • Todd

    My kids would like a red one!

  • Carolina Girl Mommy

    strider FB fan- Desiree Glaze


  • Tricia Ortega

    I'm a Strider bike FB follower too!

    tricia_26 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  • Claudia

    My little guy would love one of these, if I had to pick a color, I'd go red but he's not picky. He already has his eye on his older sister's bikes, which are taller than he is.

  • Trisha

    I am following on Facebook! I hope this is the winning entry!! thanks!! :)