endless gifts

417 – 469

417. a trip to the library
watching Mr. A running all around the yard
Miss L’s looong nap!

420. watering growing plants
singing fun kids songs in music class
a happy waking boy
a boy who wants to play outside before 8am
eating breakfast with Mr A sitting on my lap (he’s getting bigger and doesn’t usually like to sit on my lap anymore)
planning a mini-vacation
good news from a friend
GREEN grass
the quiet peace of getting up with the sun
a short road trip

430. the refreshing sight of rolling hills (we definitely live in the flat lands)
a cute cabin
an adorable mug (you know, right, sometimes the mug just makes the drink!)
hot tea
the sound of wind in the trees
crickets (the sound of summer)
a good meal with extended family
quiet reading time
a happy little boy loving all this nature time
visiting with family

440. a cool spring morning
my first weekly prayer and planning retreat
finishing my weekly menu
quick trip to the grocery ALONE!
He Himself is our peace. Eph. 2:14
fresh air + reading = wonderful combination
a very fun late afternoon playdate
two big bags of clothes for Mr. A
a roaster chicken in the crockpot for dinner and the yummy smells all day!

450. growing vegetables
Miss L’s scrunchie nose smiles!!
successful potty training day
a work day in the garage -sounds messy… well, it was, but oh so needed and so much was accomplished
exercising – really good exercising
how happy Miss L is jumping in the jumper (and seeing the height she gets!)
baking bread
having a menu plan… and following it!
a happy quiet boy during nap… even if he wasn’t sleeping
lots of rain for all things growing

460. Miss L’s going back to bed in the morning before Mr A even woke up!
A second quiet time first thing in the morning!
a big pot of tea for the day
finishing Anne of Green Gables
sunshine after the rain
the smell of laundry dried in the sun
the smell of fresh cut grass
new recipe (granola bars!)

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  • melanie

    Another great list, Sarah.

    Jodi gave me permission to ask you about your new toaster oven =) I'm looking for honest reviews/opinions of makes/models while I save up my Amazon $$ from swag bucks… hoping to replace the microwave =) Thanks!

  • Kristen McG

    I agree on the right mug. :)
    Love your lists!