digital death

I tried not to think about this day ever happening… but it is here.

No, my everydayphoto blog did not die… (I’m working on getting caught up on that today… this is BY FAR the furthest I’ve been behind. I have a combination of David’s iphone, my cell and my sisters borrowed camera pics and I think I can still come up with a pic a day!)

but my camera did.

VERY sad day.

The shutter clicked it’s last click. (or whatever the correct terminology is??)

I was very close to getting pretty emotional about this yesterday as I listened to the camera man. I thought I was just going to take it in to send it away for a nice cleaning and a diagnosis of my black line issue… and that they’d say it was a great camera and just needed a minor repair and it would be back in my hands in a jiffy.

This is not the case.

I’m no where near the number of actuations that death usually occurs on a D70. It looks like I only hit 17,101. :-(

There is still a chance my husband can fix it! The handy-tech-man that he is found a site on how to repair a frozen shutter on a d70 with photos and everything. I’ve given him the go-ahead to open-her-up! (Eeek the thought still kinda scares me but it’s my only hope… well unless I win the D90 that the Pioneer Woman is giving away today!… BUT over 41,000 other ppl are also hoping to win!)

Want to see what my photos looked like before it completely stopped working?…

Blackness to varying degrees. (Does that last one look creepy! The earth/water just drops off into nothingness!)

And how could I forget the tragic photo shoot from last May. (maybe my camera just doesn’t like May??)

Hopefully soon this photo-momma will be back in business. As for now, it’s camera photos for me.

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  • jmquilts

    Tragic in the sense that it should have carved off the bottom half – LOL!! :)

    Here's hoping Mr. D will work some magic. At least you've tried all you can.

    I'm stunned beyond words in the difference between the super nice camera Miss A had at our Blogger Breakfast & her pictures and my measly camera and just so-so pictures. *sigh*

  • melanie

    Aww, I'm so sad for you, Sarah. Hoping your handy man is able to work a nice Mother's Day surprise for you!

    {and thanks for the info on your toaster oven – I'm in no hurry – I'm almost to $15 at Amazon via swagbucks, so I've a ways to go to my goal of $50 to spend}