in my head

I’ve been writing this post in my head for some time…

still not sure what I think about this new stage of my life.

(actually I know what I think, I don’t like this part of this stage.)

sometimes I really don’t like change.

I know it can be good and all that, blaa blaa blaa.

but often I just want to stay right. where. I. am.

I’ll cut to the chase and just say it.

I now drive a van.

and I must say right off the bat, it’s an incredible blessing. it was a gift!

but I’m still processing the implications of this.

yes I know we were out growing my awesome little honda accord.

and by far out growing my husbands acura.

but still… I want to be whinny about this….

iiii don’t waaaanna drive a BIG van.

but this is practical right now. babies are small but, man, do they take up alota space!

I think there is a “loser cruser club” among some of my friends. (those that own mini-vans)

but this ain’t no MINI-van.

If it was a contest I think my van could eat all you-all’s vans for a snack!

and you out there driving your nice new (or new-ish vans) I don’t wanna hear any more complainging about your MINI-van or come and I’ll trade while you sleep!

maybe I can’t complain about the year… it’s a whole 4 years newer than my ’90!

The newest vehicle I’ve ever owned! Maybe I should be celebrating THAT!

still, I’m not complaining about the van. I’m more whinny about this new place I am in life.

My son called it “mommy’s truck” today and I wanted to cry.

It’s definitely not a girly-van.

(but I’m seriously contemplating some girly accessories!! pink furry steering wheel cover here I come!)


my next b-day I’ll be the big 3-0.

maybe this is all part of that??

but really! that’s not so fun…

here you go, getting older… so now drive this big thing…


I think I might be having an early life crisis b/c of the vehicle I now drive. I thought when you have these you get a little convertible?!

I’m pretty sure I’d be having my little fit here no matter what van I was driving.

Sooo I should probably wrap up my little pitty-party and grow up.

Thanks for listening to me whine, vent, whatever this was (if you’re still reading)

I am so very thankful for this gift! The possibilities for driving more ppl and things around IS actually a little exciting.

And if you are still reading… I’ll leave you with this little article. It’s short (hence the blog name “22 words”) but you HAVE to watch the video clip! SO funny! my sister sent me the link saying it made her think of me.

wonder how many years it will be until I ever drive a car again.

Oooh, that’s scary, not gonna go there today.

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  • Conny

    oh, bless your heart, Sarah!! I too have my own issues with vehicles – but I was too ashamed to admit it out loud, not wanting to seem ungrateful … but maybe now I will! You see we sold my MINI-van (which I loved – but it was OLD) before I found out I was pregnant … and we "bought" Grandma's 1996 Buick for cheap (which I hate). It seats 6, but it smells like a nursing home. :( It is NOT my idea of what I want to drive … but I drive it (well, my husband does now, I squoosh all my kids in a smaller Saturn Vue). Blah. I know I just need to be thankful – but again I say: blah. :)

  • Conny

    PS I will be turning 4-0 this year which I *know* has to do with my personal issues with my vehicle!! I was envisioning a different vehicle for myself at this stage of life!

  • melanie

    Oh Sarah =)

    In 1996 we graduated into a 1986 Ford Club Wagon from my nice little 1986 Chevy Nova (that my husband did NOT enjoy driving 300 miles). Baby #3 was due in August, so we needed something to fit 3 carseats into.

    I was excited actually :-) God provided what we needed for my husband's budgeted amount. It was still a change when it came to parking!

    At one point we had a 15-passenger ~ that was less than fun. So I was quite happy to get rid of that one :-)

    We actually down-sized to a mini in 2004 (?) then I totaled it Dec 1, 2008… (Tim didn't like that seat any better than the Nova) It wasn't an ideal way to move up, but God provided a Suburban for the price of our insurance check.. and DH is happy to drive again :-)

    change. can be tough.
    But BIG vans are SO nice for travel with nursing/diapering/potty training/wiggling little ones =)

  • jmquilts

    Just FYI, I LOVE to apply pin-striping and if it comes in pink… all the better! 😉

    My vehicle is called a car. Teach your son a new word besides truck. :)