What I love about you… 8 months

Miss. L – 8 months

Miss L and grandma (my mom)

I love how happy and smiley you always are.
I love your little collection of baby legs! (organic wool seen here, keepin’ her warm on Mother’s day)
I love that you now can sit up!
I love that you sleep through the night! (you kind of had been for awhile but still would wake up once or twice a night every once in awhile.)
I love hearing you say da-da!
I love that even when I don’t get you in bed on time you are still as happy as ever!
I love that your hair is starting to get a little longer! Not quite long enough for a clip… but maybe soon!

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  • jmquilts

    Aww… the tippy toes!! :)

  • Sue Ellen

    8 months! Where does the time go?

  • Gwynne

    So cute! I love the dress, sweater, Baby Legs combo! :)