photography returns!

I received a late Mother’s Day present in the mail yesterday!

Photo-taking has returned to my house!

We haven’t tried taking my D70 apart yet… I think we are both too nervous :-)

DH found me a refurbished D5000! That’s what came in the mail!

AS WELL AS the lens we talked about getting BEFORE the whole dead D70 situation!!!

Ken Rockwell is our camera man! great reviews. great camera knowledge.

This is what he says about my new camera.

And the lens is in his “dream team” of lenses

I resisted the urge to rip open everything and take the first picture of my foot… or the corner of the room… or the ceiling… or whatever :-)

So I figured my bible and mug of chai would be a better first photo…

so I present to you photo number 0001: (bokah: LIKE!)

the next photo was of Miss L who was sitting next to me… but she blinked… so here’s photo 0003:

I’m still exploring the menus and setting but here are a few more I’ve taken of random things here and there…

Miss L snacking on the rocking chair. (yes, I moved her as soon as I snapped the pic)

Aunt R and Miss L (Mr A was still napping during all this)

Mr. A doing a puzzle upside down… Miss L trying to help…

he asked me to “move Lala” :-)

the Sensitive Plant Mr. A got from the local apple orchid… you touch the leaves and the warmth from your fingers closes the leaves. Pretty cool! Esp. for little ones.

Sunflowers growing!

(ignore the weeds/grass ) Strawberries growing!

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  • Conny

    awesome!!! ENJOY your new "toy"! As rocking chair legs are to a 8 month old, so is a D5000 to a momma!

  • GranolaMom4God