The Simple Woman’s Daybook

FOR TODAY Tuesday June 8th

Outside my window… it’s overcast and 74 but the birds are still chirping.

I am thinking… it feels like Friday… or I want it to be Friday!

I am thankful for… the small quiet town we live in … even if it’s under major construction until next year!

From the kitchen… chickpeas are in the crockpot just about ready for humus and the roaster chicken is done and ready to be de-boned for several chicken pot pies!

I am wearing… my holistic mama T and pants! (yes, it’s June and I actually have pants on! rare!)

I am creating… Miss L’s What I Love About You 9 month blog post and drafting out some tot school things for Mr. A for this fall.

I am going… go pick up our co-op order after naps and plan for tomorrow.

I am reading… The Bible… I’m a bit behind in my read-through-the-Bible-in-a-year plan, but working on catching up. I think the read-the-Bible-in-90-days is starting again soon! Anyone going to do it??

I am hoping… to be productive tonight so tomorrow night I can go out for my weekly prayer and planning retreat!

I am hearing… silence for the most part… once in awhile I hear Mr. A talking as he falls asleep.

Around the house… I have too many projects started and not enough finished. But I’m not letting it stress me out! :-)

One of my favorite things… our sporadic trip to the library today (I love the library. always have. always will.) and Mr. A seeing all the construction along the way. He was talking.non.stop the whole time about the vehicles and what they were doing and what they’re called and what color they were… etc! He talks non-stop ALL the time these days, but I know he just has so much to say and ask he doesn’t have time to slow down. :-)

A few plans for the rest of the week: hopefully finishing up some of the little things left on our great room project and I’d like to make it to the farmers market on Thursday.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing…

This sums up just oh, so many things….

Mr. A using a saw book to try to saw things.
Miss. L (who now pulls herself up!) trying to get Mr. A’s toys… his automoblox (a current FAV!)
a dirty window from little fingers
shoe molding trim that still needs to get put back in
a dirty wall -that’s soon to get a fresh coat of RED paint!
and last but not least our van, Sid, in the background.

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