I surrender.

This post won’t even BEGIN to cover my week… it just about put me over the edge.

Much of this week I don’t remember. Seriously. Sleep deprivation will do that.

The calender says June 20th. But I can’t believe it. I don’t think I was there for the 1st-20th?

Wasn’t I trying to simplify?

Nothing seems simple anymore.

Many days I feel very ill-qualified for my life.

A 2 yr old and a 9 month old. Some days they win and I lose.

Only two kids, why do I feel like I need an assistant?!

Can I skip ten years ahead, live one week (or a month) there and come back?

Trying to find the good.

Found out or fridge is DEAD just as we are leaving the state.

but stashed a few choice items in my parents extra fridge.

Small one getting sick in the car.

But still sleeping even w/o the beloved blanket that got very soiled.

More bodily fluids that you don’t want to hear about.

But I packed more than one pair of extra clothes.

Scorching hot temps.

But our van has AC.

STILL no fridge.

but our deep freezer still works.

Monday, what do you have for me?

Please be nice.

Pretty, pretty pleeeeeease with sugar on top! (sugar cane, raw honey or maple syrup, of course!)

Waving a white flag,

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