What I love about you… 2.75 yrs

Mr. A – 2.75 years old

That’s almost THREE! That just sounds so old!

I love that you are still Momma’s little helper!
-unloading the flatware from the dishwasher
-sorting socks
-folding/stacking Miss L’s cloth wipes
-putting away toys
-helping to keep your room in order

I love how sweet you are with your sister! and how much you care about her!

I love all the questions you ask! Sometimes it seems like every day you ask twice as many as the day before, but they are very good questions and I know you are learning SO much with all your asking.

I love your growing independence.

I love having tea with you in the morning while Miss L naps. (You get SO excited to have your OWN tea bag! Your current favorite is True Blueberry –that I make into “blueberry chai” by adding some milk and a little raw honey!) I forget what kind you had this day?

I love your love of your daddy! You watch and imitate all he does! House construction, mowing and using the weedwacker, even how he sits sometimes!

Hammering with Pat the Hammer
This was when our new fridge came… you were watching
how he hooked up the water line, and obviously this was the best place to view!

I love all the fun you have with water! We had some major rain last month. One morning we took advantage of the flowing streets and went puddle stompin!

We live on a corner so we have sidewalks on two side… I love seeing your run run run all around them and the yard! You’ve got some major runners blood -(daddy, aunt and grandpa!) I think your destine to be good at it!
I love that you love the water! Getting water in your eyes doesn’t seem to phase you :-)

This is sheer joy of playing in the water -not screaming!

I love your energy and joy!
I love that you still love books and reading!
I love what a great big brother you are!
I love that I get to spend every day with you!

Photos by J and myself
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  • jmquilts

    I love that my great-nephew has such a loving momma! One that is a momma with purpose. One who takes the time to teach a 2+ year old how to match socks and put away flatware. One who takes time to make wholesome meals & snacks for him. A momma that loves our next generation so very very much!

    What a blessing you are! :)

  • GranolaMom4God

    That is a precious post!!!!!! That is great when A is on David's back with the fridge! Good mom for having Tea parties with your son. The boys at our house love it too! Especially on the RARE occasion when it is REAL chai.

  • Denise

    He is getting so big! and acts so grown up. Sometimes I forget he is 2 and not 3 already! You are doing raising a wonderful young man.