endless gifts

525 – 593

525. a good big rain for our growing garden
kids sleeping in a little bit!
a new game! Carcassonne! (If your a fan of Settlers of Catan then this one’s for you!!)
picking out new library books
catching up on some blogging

530. catching up on some reading
easy, quick humus pizza dinner!
a planning/prayer retreat in the middle of the week
company for dinner
cooking in my new open kitchen
my mac book pro connecting me to so many friends and family
our home fellowship friends
people watching
a husband who understands I need to just get away sometimes
our dishwasher!!

540. the hose! So much fun for a certain little boy
watching Mr. A spend the afternoon under the kitchen table and having a blast
a productive evening of sorting and deleting photos making more space on my comp.
Nourishing Tradition’s Spanish Omelet!
a quiet rainy morning
the house to myself (sort of) while Miss L sleeps and A and dad run errands.
watching Miss L pull herself up on everything
the first sprinkler day of the summer
trim work almost finished!
a big thunderstorm (I love tstorms)

550. the storm didn’t take out the power (but we were ready!)
the storm didn’t wake any sleeping children!
plenty of rain for our garden this weekend
being encouraged in my mission as a mother
making muffins. I love making muffins.
throat coat tea that reminds me of Christmas time
a pink sunrise
a peaceful, quiet morning
4 days with no fridge and it all worked out
a day trip spent with family

560. celebrating with my grandpa his 88th birthday!
packing plenty of extra clothes for the kids (and not needing them all!)
meeting Lizzy
learning a new way to make my chai… with a splash of coffee! (thanks Lizzy!)
coolers and a mini fridge
a slow clam day
a morning of storms
enjoying the power outage with open windows
a new fridge, quietly keeping our food cold &/or frozen properly!
the fridge arriving in just enough time to get cold before getting our co-op food!

570. D working from home for the fridge-install-day!
a quiet service project I ended up doing alone…what worked out quite nicely!
a house that keeps us dry!
watching L learn to feed herself!
an hour of puddle stompin’ in the stream, formerly known as our street.
getting home late and a husband who cleaned the whole kitchen!
a rough two weeks that are over and done with.
several days in a row with the windows open!
fresh air!!
an early morning walk

580. seeing how excited A is to see the geese, throw a rock in the pond and run up and down hills
going to a baseball game with my family of origin!
a mini pool party for A with some friends
going to the zoo to see the new cheetah exhibit!
a babysitter and a date night
going TO the movies! I forgot how much I like seeing a good movie there! (in case you are wondering we saw The A Team… and really enjoyed it!)
new books that challenge me
being available to help friends with childcare
quick healing of whatever was making Mr. A so miserable.
a little friend spending the day with us while his mommy and daddy go house hunting

590. outdoor church!
going downtown with my sister to see fireworks
not getting REALLY lost on the way there, just sort of :-)
D home all day

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  • David

    554:I love eating muffins!

  • David

    554:I love eating muffins!