What I love about you… 10 months

Lydia – 10 months

I still love your long eyelashes!

I love how tall you’re getting! Are you going to be taller than me?
I love to see how you are learning and exploring new things every day! (Here you figured out how to play the cymbals! You were ecstatic!)

I love how you pay such close attention to details! Even if it means you find every teeny-tiny crumb on the floor!

I love to see you explore the bookshelves! You often just pull ALL the books off but it is still book exposure, nonetheless! :-)

I love to tickle you and hear you giggle!

I love all 5 of your little teeth!

I love how much you like music and playing with instruments!

I love that you are not afraid to get dirty! And often would rather just stay that way instead of getting cleaned up!

I love our diaper-changing-game! You vs. me… can I get a clean diaper on before you crawl away laughing! You are pretty good… but you haven’t gone away diaperless yet!

And the list goes on and on…

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  • Denise

    What a sweetheart! She sort of reminds me of another toddler about 29 years ago….