On this day in history

…recent history.

You may know or remember that I also blog over at photoblog.com. It’s fun to see a glimpse of our life in photos. So today I’m sharing some flashbacks…

Aaron had a pear for snack ON grandma and grandpa kitchen counter! This was before their big kitchen remodel! (I was 2 months away from giving him a baby sister!)

Two years ago, back in 2008 on this day

Any guesses what I was making?**
And back in the first year I started photoblogging in 2007 on this day in history….

This was back when I taught at a daycare/preschool… one of the lovely little 3 yr old girls in my class! That last year I taught my class was ALL girls and I loved it! They were so fun and three is such a fun girly age!

**I was making Nourishing Traditions Spicy Meatloaf -this was a pick of the sauteing vegetables stage! I love how colorful it is and how yummy it smells!!!
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