I’m still counting…

594 – 667

594. my son LOVES raw vegetables. I don’t mind one bit he want to snack on broccoli while I cut it up for whatever recipe I’m cooking up for dinner!
-waking up and feeling rested because I actually got enough sleep
-a short work week for David
-the simple things: a free balloon from the grocery store
-the first batch of homemade ice cream of the year!
-long hours of sunshine

600. sitting on the floor playing with my kids
-a punch bowl full of fresh produce
-going a while day without rushing to do anything
-jars of my liquid gold!! local raw honey!
-super cute previously loved clothes for Lydia
-fresh made extra garlic-y humus
-a tall glass of ice tea
-a house (and ac) to keep us cool!
-a morning photo shoot with my resident 10 month old who was full of smiles!
-finding a schedule that works for my days

610. not needing caffeine as must as I did last week!
-my multi-talented husband
-Aaron loving to watch David do car maintenance and learning all about how things work
-butter, yellow butter, fresh!
-early morning walk around the neighborhood looking for all kinds of construction vehicles
-a wonderful borrowed double stroller
-David getting home early because the power was out at work
-summer rain
-baby giggles
-real emails from far away friends

620. movie night
-packing and planning for a road trip and getting done early without being rushed
-our first pepper from the garden (a purple pepper!)
-weekend trip to visit family
-no carsickness!!
-2 full days of relaxing and hanging out with family
-afternoon chai pick-me-up!
-a saturday morning farmers market trip
-visiting with my college roommate!!!
-learning some new gardening tips!

630.-getting to know a new friend better
-looking through old family photos
-happy traveling children
-a good nights rest
-huge white fluffy clouds in a bright blue sky
-sitting on the deck grilling dinner
-stopping half way home to visit my grandparents!
-tea party with Aaron on my new hostess tray/tea set
-a night out to fellowship with friends
-an oh so yummy chocolate dessert

640. throwing together dinner and having all the right ingredients
-a really really long nap by Aaron and…
-the fantastic mood he woke up in!
-Lydia content to sit and play on my lap for a very extend period of time just when I needed her to
-spending hours looking through old photos with my dad
-a one stop place to pick up all our yummy organic food without going to the grocery
-fresh melon with dinner
-dinner with friends that I didn’t have to cook and then…
-swimming after dinner in their pool
-how much Aaron loves to be in the water

650. no internet most of the day so no opportunity to waste time on it
-kids napping extra long after a late night yesterday
-how good Aaron is at making Lydia giggle
-building towers as fast as I can before Lydia joyfully SMASHES them down
– a new “shampoo”
-huge blooming sunflowers
-morning quiet time for all three of us that WAS really quiet
-a mountain high tower of books from the library
-long naps AGAIN!
-being extra productive all day

660. still no internet and not minding it one bit
-homemade pizza -never a fail!!
-poolside reading (even if it is just our kid-size pool on the deck)
-fresh bathed babies
-old toys played with like new after being in “hiding
-walking the trails in the early morning
-being super-ultra productive before noon!
-planning a camping trip for this fall!

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