If I had facebook my status would say… Sarah: is in a blogging rut.

If you have any thoughts, opinions or ideas of what you’d like to read here, please do share.

If you’ve found something here in the past that you liked reading, please share that too.

thanks for any input.

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  • melanie

    A day in the life?
    Devo thoughts?

    ??? Maybe you just have better things to do? =) Like hug your kiddos!

    Have a great week ~ ♥ ~

  • GranolaMom4God

    Well, the more you blog the more you blog. Kind of like sleep begets sleep. Ya know? Umm cooking through Sue Gregg, your garden, photo tips, chapter by chapter through our new bible study, what a great friend I am (just kidding). Night!

  • Conny

    I love random this-is-my-life blogging … I guess since I have no purpose for my blog either, that's what I do! So, of course, it is my preference LOL!!!
    I loved my meme for 30 Days of Thanks – and am trying to think up something similar again too… hmmmm…. we need to brain storm!! :)