still simplifing

(Aaron and his great-grandpa taking a walk
Friday afternoon. It was a beautiful day!!)

Minutes keep ticking.
Days keep passing.
August is here already!

Around the end of last year God began to make it clear to me I need to work on simplifying some things in my life. I got overwhelmed so easily.

So that’s what we’ve been working on here at our house.

But it’s getting difficult.

It’s getting down to the nitty-gritty. Obviously, at the start of this project seeing and eliminating things that were complicated, clutter or causing chaos was easy.

I keep praying and asking God, “what’s next?”

Some days thinking “simplify” when I have a busy almost 3 yr old and a even busier almost 1 yr old sounds like a crazy feat. But I know it’s not impossible. But there are moments, some days many moments that I forget it’s not impossible.

Aaron will hear me sigh and ask “momma, you happy?” He’s my personal in-house monitor, keeping my attitude in check. I try not to sigh, or sigh loudly, but almost 3 yr olds are very observant!

July was busy, but no necessarily complicated. Aaron is still 2 and I’d thought and somewhat planned on doing pretty structured tot-school time activities each day. Which I still might do. But not to the level I originally thought. I think I got a little carried away thinking and planning. Even though he will turn three next month I’m not going to throw too much school at him yet. I taught the 3yr old class where I used to work and loved it! Loved it! Such a great age! I’m excited as I remember what the third year of life looked like for all those little souls! All those light bulbs that I saw go off in their head as they learned something new or figured something out all by themselves!

This past month I’ve also been working on understanding my role as wife and mother. It often seems unreal what those titles require of me. But I’ve found my peace and footing for the day by starting it very early. Sleeping in always sounds good, but I know getting up early is better. I used to get up early all.the.time. to swim or run. Then when my first baby was born I slipped out of my early morning habits. Now getting that habit back feels great! I love my quiet morning time. It’s my simple peaceful time to read my Bible and praying about the day ahead.

This was a long post for a Monday! If you’re still with me, all that rambling was to say… Yes, I’m still on the “simplify” bandwagon, but the road seems to be getting difficult for so many reasons. Maybe by next month I’ll have worked through some of them and more things will make sense to me.

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  • melanie

    Is daily life still difficult that you need to actively search for more things to simplify? Or, do you need to stop and smell the roses (your sweet babes) and just enjoy this day/season God has given you?

    Not speaking as one who has it figured out =)

  • melanie

    Oh, and I forgot to say,
    GOOD for you for getting up early and starting your day with God ~♥~