August Tot School

Aaron is currently 35 months
our resident tiny tot Lydia is 11 months
We’ve been doing tot school activities ever since I learned about it from this lovey lady almost two years ago! I just have a slight problem with getting overwhelmed… :-) for those of you how know me might be laughing out loud! …so the blogging of all said tot school activities has been lacking.

Aaron will be doing many “preschool” designated things this year but he’s not even three yet so I’m still going to keeping it simple.

One day everyone woke up from their naps early so we made a quick trip to the store to buy some white flour and made three batches of play dough! I’ve learned the hard way that fresh ground wheat berries DO NOT make good play dough.

the beautiful result

Aaron and my mothers helper

This is an old Before I Write book I got from paperbackswap. My mother’s helper put it in the plastic slip pages in a binder so he can use dry eraser markers!

Shaving Cream! I am not afraid of a mess. :-)
I think I did get a little carried away with it and gave him way too much.
But he had fun drawing and writing letter Aa.

Lydia will be doing lots of play learning, our favorite kind around here!

Lydia really likes these Melissa and Doug knob puzzles! She’s great at taking them out.
We are still working on the putting them back. :-)

This photo is from awhile ago but I didn’t have any recent one of her drawing.
She really likes the aquadoodle!

counting bears for working on color recognition
She very much enjoyed dumping them out and throwing them on the floor.

I gave her the bowl upside down and showed her how to play it like a drum. She promptly turned it over and started stirring. :-) Ahh, that’s my girl! A kitchen helper in the making!

By far her favorite is looking at books! She often wakes up from nap before Aaron so that’s our cuddle reading time. We both love it!

Check out more tot school activities here

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  • sbswtp

    What a great week! Lots of fun activities :)

  • GranolaMom4God

    Shaving cream . . . I keep forgetting to do that! So did you delete your other blog, is that why the first link didn't work? Looks like a fun time! Glad you linked up. I love how you say your lovely resident!