the birthday continued

Didn’t want you to think we left Aaron at home… he had plenty of fun at Lydia’s birthday celebration too…

he didn’t pass Go, he didn’t collect any money, he went straight for the lawnmower!

“what’d you say??”

he thought it was a great place to just hang out!

once off the mower he was on his bike…

running, Strider-running…

away from the camera!

but, alas, he didn’t not escape it!

Later he got to go for a ride on the mower. Quite a treat for a very very soon to be 3 yr old!

and because his birthday IS right around the corner, he opened a few gifts as well!

Later, since he was stuck inside while his sister was the center of attention… he found this little 4-wheeler thing, that he called “his mower” and mowed all grandma’s carpet!

All these wonderful photos taken by J

soon to come… a few more birthday photos…

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